Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to Use Your Phone for Music in Your Car

Smartphones have become an essential item for so many millions of people around the world. Many are completely lost without their trusted phone in their hand.

It is anticipated that by December 2013 there will be over 1.4 million smartphones being used around the world, which means that one in every five people will own one of these phones.

Smartphones have become so popular because they're multi-functional, a phone, sound system, navigational system and computer in one. For many their phones are worthless once they step into their vehicles. Driving and using a phone requires a Bluetooth headset and you can't use your phone to listen to music through the car speakers unless you have car MP3 players.

There are many ways people use their smartphones in their vehicles from FM transmitters, which never really work and constantly experience interference to cassette tape adapters, depending on the age of the vehicles sound system.

The FM transmitters increased in popularity for a while because they offered the convenience of being able to listen to music while driving through the vehicle speakers. These units plug into the lighter adapter of the vehicle and the phone plugs straight into the unit, you then spend a lot of time trying to sync the unit to a frequency on your car sound system, the music then plays through the speakers.

The biggest problem with the FM transmitters is that they lose signal and you will experience a lot of interference. Another problem is that not all vehicles come with a lighter socket anymore, which means that these transmitters are not a suitable option for all vehicles.

Those with older sound systems which took a cassette tape could use the cassette adapters. These adapters were car MP3 players for a while and are still in use by some vehicle owners.

With the cassette adapters, a cassette is placed in the sound system which has a headphone jack attached which is then plugged into the smartphone headphone socket. The music is then played through the car sound system. While this seems a practical choice, these options also came with a number of problems including static interference.

With the new car sound systems being introduced car MP3 players are readily available. The car head unit will have a headphone jack or USB port, enabling the vehicle owner to plug their smartphones straight into the car audio system and listen to their favorite MP3 songs through their car speakers.

The advantage to the car MP3 players is that there is no interference and the owner gets to enjoy all their favorite songs while on the move.

As previously mentioned we use our smartphones for just about everything these days, including keeping play lists of our favorite music. Being able to listen to our music through our car MP3 players is a huge advantage which reduces expenditure in the long run.

We pay to download songs to our phones, but then we have to purchase CD's for the vehicle, this means many car owners are purchasing the same song more than once.

Investing in car MP3 players can reduce the amount of money spent on purchasing music, while offering the convenience of having all the music on one device whether you're driving, walking the street or at home.

Many of the car systems these days also offer Bluetooth functionality, this enables the owner to listen to music, make and receive calls directly from their car sound system, using the speakers to hear the voice. A microphone is attached to the vehicle, offering crisp and clear music and phone calls while on the move.

Car Entertainment Systems: Smart, Powerful, Evolving

With the rapid advancements in technology come amazing opportunities to customize your car's sound system and other features. There are many folks out there fascinated and downright obsessed with supplementing their mechanical masterpieces with cutting-edge custom entertainment systems. While the sheer number of options and customizations available allow for an enduring pastime, many milder enthusiasts just want their car to help them stay organized, entertained and "wired in" while on the go.

Beefed-up car audio and smartphone integration are becoming staple features in new model cars, but many find the factory versions of these options to be rigid, impersonal, inconvenient, or they simply don't generate the output they're looking for. This is where customization enters the picture. Many consumers just forego the stock bells and whistles when buying a new car and spring for aftermarket options, which can actually save money due to inflated dealer markups. At the same time, you get superior products for your cash!

Aftermarket Audio And Video

When it comes to in-car entertainment, arguably the most important part for most is the audio system. Music can make a drive considerably more enjoyable, but again, stock sound systems often just won't do.

Custom speakers are often the first audio component installed in lieu of the factory variants. With literally dozens of manufacturers, shapes, styles and wattages available, your imagination is the only limitation. If it floats your boat, you can even have custom work done on your car's interior to have speakers installed where they weren't before. An installation expert can seamlessly do all the interior work, wiring and aesthetics.

A new deck or display also adds major juice and personality to your system. Some can be installed flush into your dashboard, where others can slide out and fold upwards. Many displays also support DVD, MP4, tablets and more, allowing movies to be "sent" to any video displays throughout the car. Bluetooth is very quickly becoming the standard wireless gateway to media for both audio and video so should play a major role in your entertainment package.

Smart To Include Your Smartphone

Face it and embrace it: Smartphones are becoming many people's link to the outside world, and in no place is that more true than in your car. Custom smartphone integration has become almost another passenger in your vehicle. Hands-free mounts and sleek earpieces are no longer the most innovative phone integration available, as car voice control and Bluetooth integration are becoming eerily intelligent.

Music, social media, hands-free or touch screen navigation, weather, traffic advisories, E-mail, phone calls, reminders, and text messages can be completely controlled without lifting a finger. Android and Apple platforms also support applications for many brands of audio systems that transform them into a system remote control.

So you see, car components exist that can satisfy anyone's needs, from the casual technology wave-rider, to the connected entrepreneur, to the dedicated hobbyist. When it's time to buy, think high quality, performance, and select the features that improve the quality of time you spend in our vehicle.

Subwoofer Car Audio Selection - What Features Are Important

If you love listening to music in your car then you'll need a really good subwoofer car audio first. While most people think that a subwoofer is only needed to produce lots of sound, it is actually necessary because it helps produce low notes necessary for music to be perfect. There are a few things to be considered when selecting this particular piece of audio equipment:

1. What kind of sound do you require? If you wish to have a very deep sound in your car then you should certainly splurge on the most expensive subwoofer car audio available. However, you should be aware that the size of your car will be a significant limitation since you have limited areas where the speaker can be installed. While 8" subwoofers are generally the least powerful ones, many people buy them not just for their compactness and cost effectiveness but because they help enhance the bass sound.

2. Size doesn't always matter - If yours is an average sized car then it's unlikely that you need a very large sub. In fact, a 15" subwoofer car audio speaker will not provide clear sound in a car of this size. 10" or 12" will work best.

3. Does your subwoofer match the amplifier in the car? If you try to match a powerful sub with a weak amplifier then the sound output will not be satisfactory. However, a sensitive subwoofer (which can be expensive) should be the easiest way of dealing with the issue.

4. What is your budget? Audio equipment can be quite costly. Therefore, you need to spend money on it in proportion to how much you value listening to music. Be sure to enquire whether the cost includes a warranty so that you can get it repaired or replaced as the case may be.

It is very important to do plenty of research before doing subwoofer car audio selection. As a matter of fact, it is preferable to check out various combinations of sound systems in your car, or at least a vehicle that is the same size as yours.

Once you have bought the right subwoofer car audio speaker for your car then you should get it installed correctly. This has a big role to play in the quality of sound it creates. If you are not comfortable with installing the sound system in your car then you should get a professional to do it for you.

Pros and Cons of Non Audio and Audio Capacitors

What Are Capacitors?

Capacitors, or condensers, can be defined as a electrical components which are used for storing charge in an electrical field. In professional terms, this is a device which simulates the functions of battery at micro level in an electrical circuit.

How Capacitors works?

In basic terms, the common audio capacitor manufactures produces components which works on the concepts of potential difference. When there is difference in electrical potential of two conductors, the electric field develops. Due to this, the positive charge deposits on one conductor, leaving negative charge on another. This makes it to store energy which is utilized in various ways in electrical & electronic circuits.

Types of Common Conductors

The commonly used capacitors are described here briefly along with pros & cons.

Metalized Film Capacitor

In Metalized Film Capacitor, thin metal film is used as the capacitor through which current is passed.

Pros - These are smaller in size as thin film is used in place of conducting plates.
Cons - Thin films reduces current carrying capacity to a remarkable extend, thus limiting its capabilities.

Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor

Bi-Polar Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor Manufacturers produce capacitors with aluminum electrolyte in order to improve efficiency.

Pros - Durable, stable electrical parameters, Lower ESR
Cons - Low Voltage & Limited transient, lower reverse voltage tolerance, can burst in extreme parameters

Non Polar Electrolytic Capacitor

None Polar Electrolytic Capacitor Suppliers often adds special chemical to improve performance of capacitors. However, they still suffer from certain major disadvantages.

Pros - Size is smaller, good for long term use, stable on voltage fluctuations
Cons - can't tolerate extreme voltage, current carrying capacity is limited, can explode upon excessive heating

Audio Capacitor

Audio Capacitor is not a special category of division. Instead, it is a commercial name for those capacitors which are used for audio circuits. One can fit any suitable capacitor as per the needs & purpose of circuit.

Film Capacitor

Film Capacitor is a special type in which thin film is used to replace solid conductor plates of traditional style capacitors. This makes size extremely portable & increases the durability as well. However, certain drawbacks are still attached with it.

Pros - size is small, fit for micro size circuits, predictable & stable behavior in various cases
Cons - self hearting, overheating on high voltage, limited current carrying ability

Electrolytic Capacitors

In broad terms, electrolyte capacitor plays a vital role. This is used as the standard to test other capacitors. Also, it is basic level capacitor which is commonly used in labs for elementary experiments.

Pros - Large voltage carrying capacity, reliable results, stable behavior, cost effective
Cons - Leakage in most cases, require care & maintenance, overheating on wrong polarization, failure on wrong use

Speaker Capacitor

Speaker Capacitor is more an application than being a specific type. So, no specific pros & cons can be talked about. However, they are limited in their action of current carrying. Applying excessive voltage may lead to failure.

Car Dashboard Cameras - Four Reasons To Install A Dash Cam

You may have noticed that dash cams are becoming more and more popular in Western countries. Until a short while ago, only police cars would have a dashboard camera installed. But then the unthinkable happened and a meteor struck a remote town somewhere in Siberia, Russia -- and to everyone's surprise, dozens of live videos of the event instantly popped up on YouTube!

That's because in Russia, dash cams have become quite popular due to the country's rampant corruption and insurance fraud issues. Russian drivers use them for various reasons: One, dash cameras enable them to provide video evidence in case they get involved in an accident through no fault of their own. Two, they provide protection against corrupt police officers that have been known to fine drivers that hadn't done anything wrong. Three, and this may seem unbelievable if you haven't seen it, but there are actually videos of pedestrians suddenly jumping out onto a driving car, in order to claim money from the driver's insurance!

Now guess what? Dash cams are useful for these precise reasons in your country, too. You may be fortunate enough to live in a location where corruption is less widespread, but there is still a chance that you might run into a black sheep one day. And even though I hope that this will never be the case, how could I say that I will never, ever become involved in a traffic accident?

Invaluable to prove your innocence in a court of law, dash cam footage can be used to clear yourself once and for all of any false accusations that you might be charged with. But that's not all. While dash cams are great in case of an accident, most people will never need the footage to actually defend themselves in court (even though it's great to know that you could, if you needed to).

Reason four - why more and more people are deciding to get a dash cam: They're fun!

Did you ever drive through a beautiful landscape, and just enjoy the view as you drive along? Imagine recording these magical moments, sharing them with your friends and family later at home, or even adding some background music and uploading a nice video on YouTube. Rare wildlife grazing alongside the road, or that odd celebrity crossing the street just in front of you? Now you'll be able to back up the stories from your road trip with a high definition video!

Dash cams are always on while you drive. They start recording when you turn the ignition key, so you won't have to worry about remembering to turn your camera on. And while memory cards do have limited capacity, modern dashboard cameras allow you to record over 4 hours of footage at top video quality.

Also, they use a technique called "cyclic recording", meaning that once your memory card is full, they will automatically overwrite the oldest footage, so there is no way you can ever run out of "disk space".

Of course, you will be able to mark those parts of your video footage that you want to keep, so they will be excluded from overwriting until you copy them over to your personal computer. Additionally, most modern car cameras have a G-sensor which in case of an impact, marks the recording for safekeeping automatically (so it can't get accidentally overwritten).

Remote Car Alarms: A Necessity For Your Car?

Protecting what you own, whether it is your house, your car, or even your personal effects, is becoming more and more difficult these days. A lot of unscrupulous individuals go out of their way to obtain what is not rightfully theirs. In fact, it has been noted that every 20 seconds, one car is actually broken into in the US alone. This is a very startling statistic and to avoid becoming a victim of such an occurrence, you need to increase security measures. One of the things you might want to consider when it comes to protecting your car is a remote car alarm.

What exactly is a remote car alarm and what does it do? Why is it considered a necessity for cars these days? As earlier mentioned, protecting your assets is a necessary measure these days due to the ever increasing possibility of theft. A remote car alarm is basically an alarm that activated and deactivate with the use of a remote control device. This device is usually battery operated and comes in the form of a keychain, which can be conveniently attached to your car keys.

What a car alarm can do for you is to alert you, and anyone within hearing range, that your vehicle is being tampered with or someone is trying to break into it. Depending on the kind of alarm system you get, you may find that some alarms go off when someone approaches your car and gets to a certain distance from it. Other alarm systems go off only when the vehicle is touched or when someone attempts to open any of the doors, the trunk or the hood.

Some alarm systems use door sensors to set these off. This is not a pretty reliable car alarm to get since these only activate when the doors to your car are opened. Anyone can actually steal your car without opening the doors by simply towing it away, or even by breaking windows, if this is the kind of alarm you have installed. It would be better to get more advanced systems than this.

One advanced remote car alarm to consider is one that uses shock sensors on them. Any movement near or on the car sets off the alarm, so anybody who tries to strike, tow or even leans on your vehicle, the alarm will go off. Some alarms sound off differently for the different levels of movement the vehicle experiences. The more pronounced the movement, the louder and more pronounced the alarm.

Some people find that, aside from using alarms that are activated by shock sensors, adding pressure sensors to a vehicle is also a good theft deterrent. Pressure sensors are activated when a change in the air pressure of the vehicle changes suddenly, either with the opening of a door or the breaking of a window. Others even add motion and tilt sensors and perimeter scanners to their remote car alarm systems to ensure that other methods of stealing the vehicle are covered.

Putting In An Extreme High-Tech Piece of Audio Equipment Is The Easy Part

The other day, I was walking through a parking lot and a young man had his hood open and jumper cables attached to his car battery. He asked for a jump, unfortunately, I didn't have my truck with me, just a little sports car and I doubt that would suffice, nor did I much want to risk damaging my own electrical system, you know everything these days is high-tech, and costly to fix, you need a computer and it's not like the old days when you could do everything yourself without a master mechanics certificate for each make and model.

Okay so, let's talk because I felt bad for the chap. You see the young man told me he had to go pick up his girlfriend and he was already late. I told him there is a slight slope to this parking lot, let's just push it out of the stall and face it that-a-way. He said it was an automatic - bummer I thought, well that's what you get I guess. The kid had a few tattoos and I realized that the chances of him flagging down anyone were not in his favor. So, I began talking with him thinking as soon as someone came by, I'd approach them myself and he'd thus, have a way better chance to get a jump.

As I was discussing with him what had happened he told me of his new stereo system. Unfortunately, he didn't upgrade his alternator, or put in another batteries and it was over taxing his system. This is the fourth time he'd been stuck, and I wondered if assisting him would help him learn his lesson. What might that be you ask? Well, let me explain.

The reality is that far prior to the installation the installer must consider the size of the alternator, and draw down requirements of the system to run, along with what other systems in the vehicle will need to run at optimum. Merely, paying a friend to help you install a new car audio system isn't enough, especially if they don't have any experience, trial by fire, or actual automotive electrical knowledge. Further, these late model cars are designed the way they are for a reason, they are engineered for optimum and not for over-the-top high-end mega-wattage sound systems. See that point.

Yes, we did find someone with a big Ford Dually, and he jumped it without a problem, and yet, I wonder if my lecture to the kid sunk in. If not, he'll be stranded again and his girlfriend will dump him? Hell, I wonder if she's good looking, either way she definitely needs an upgrade in boyfriends if you think about it.

In-Car Fuel Mileage Electronic Relay to the Cloud?

The other day, I was talking to an acquaintance who helps wire homes, specifically smart homes with broadband access. He puts the wires in the wall and makes everything work. Many of the homes the he wires up have been long-standing, some of them were built in the 1950s for instance. It's time for those residents to upgrade, and he puts in all of the new technology for them.

It's interesting these days as people's refrigerators are becoming smarter than they are, and the same is happening with our cars, soon they will be driving themselves. In fact our cars are going to be so smart, maybe they can take our tests in school from the parking lot, just kidding, you don't want to get caught cheating. Okay so let's talk a little bit about some of the latest cool in-car gadgetry.

There was an interesting article on March 28, 2013 in the Wall Street Journal titled; "Auto Makers Try to Tackle Inaccuracies Measuring MPG," which discussed how different drivers with different driving habits, different areas were reporting different mileage results, some more and some less than the actual MPG on the sticker when they bought their automobile. As you will recall there have been some rather high profile federal regulatory lawsuits over false advertising and MPG estimates by automakers.

Ford is asking APP makers to come up with something that will relay actual data to their cloud servers via smart phones according to that article. I think that is a wise idea, in fact, I'd like to have one, unfortunately, currently I do not own a Ford automobile, but I have had Ford cars and trucks in the past.

Just think if you were at the beach, and you needed to get some more pizza, beer, and snacks. Wouldn't it be nice to simply use your iPhone to call your car, put in the request by text message, and your car would drive to the store, contact the clerk inside, have all the goodies brought out and put in the car, and pay for it all just as you would with an iPhone payment app?

Now then, back to the story above, we all want to know what our true miles per gallon average is, and we need to be able to adjust our driving habits and behavior to optimize our fuel economy. By doing that we can save money, and at four dollars per gallon for gasoline, everyone is into that. Meanwhile, it will keep the automakers honest, and let us consumers know where we really stand. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it

Getting the Most From iPhone and Ford Sync

Getting the most out of your Ford Sync system sometimes means learning more about your smartphone and here are some tips on using your iPhone with the Ford Sync system.

Are you having trouble accessing your iPhone music?

If you have upgraded to a newer Apple iOS, then one of the options is to "back up" and store your music on the Cloud. This uses a process referred to as iTunes Match. Essentially you see the song titles and information on your iPhone - but the music is actually "parked" in the Cloud. The problem is that the Ford Sync system no longer can access this music since it has become part of the Apple proprietary system. If you go to your iPhone's Settings folder... scroll down to the iTunes & App Stores bar, then turn off the iTunes Match button.

This allows your Sync system to access music files. Turn the iTunes Match button back on to back up and store your music from time to time to keep your files current.

Has your streaming iPhone music stopped playing?

If you pushed the Voice button on the steering wheel to access music by saying "Bluetooth Audio" then you can stream music through your vehicle sound system. It streams music, but you don't have enough bandwidth to give voice commands to "Play Artist Bruno Mars."

If you plug your iPhone into the USB port, then you'll have to push the Voice button and say "USB." The Sync system will index the music on your iPhone (or USB jump drive) and after a few minutes, push the Voice button again and when the Sync system says "USB, state your command" then say "Play All." The Sync system will begin playing your music. You can then push the Voice button and say "Play Artist Miranda Lambert" and it will find and play her music (if you have that in your collection).

So can I play music from Pandora?

If you have a Pandora account on your iPhone, then you can push the Voice button and say "Bluetooth Audio." The system will reply "Bluetooth Audio" and then go to your iPhone and tap the Pandora icon (or other streaming music App) and then as that App starts to play, your music will mute and the streaming music will play.

Once again, if you plug your iPhone into USB, then you have to give your system a voice command of "USB" for the system to change the content it is accessing.

Can I get voice-to-text text messages read to me?

If you have an iPhone 4s or an iPhone 5, go to your phone and push the Home button (the large button on the lower center of your phone). Hold the Home button for a few seconds and you will hear a tome on your phone (and the Sync system). Say, "Read Text Messages." Your iPhone's Siri will look for messages and read them to you. If you want to send a message, push the Home button and say "Send Text Message." Your Siri will ask who you want to send to and what you want to say. Just follow instructions. In fact, you can push the Home button and ask Siri any question. When you are finished with Siri, just push and hold the phone icon on your steering wheel and "hang up" on the call.

So how can I get voice-activated GPS instructions through the Sync system?

Let's say you want to use your iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 App, such as Google Maps, to get turn-by-turn instructions. Push the Voice button on the steering wheel and say "Bluetooth Audio." Then go to your iPhone and activate your GPS App. It will "speak" the instructions over the Sync system. Push and hold the phone icon on the steering wheel to hang up the voice instructions.

On-going support for your iPhone and Sync...

Complete power down your iPhone at least once a week. Keep the iPhone off for at least a few minutes. Then power it back up.

Go to your phone's main screen. Then push the Home button twice. The screen will slide up. You will see a group of App icons. Push and hold your finger on one of the Apps until a red circle with a white minus symbol appears. Then tap the red circle and the Apps will be turned off. Most people will find that every time they open an App that it stays on "in the background." This uses more power and drains your battery more quickly. By turning off your iPhone Music App you won't have the music starting to play automatically every time you start up your vehicle.

By the way, if you are playing Bluetooth or USB music then you can push one of the Audio buttons on your vehicle to change to AM/FM, CD, Aux or Sirius as a music source. Or, you can use the Media (or Source) buttons (if you have them on your vehicle) to access any of the Media available to your vehicle.

What Happens When Your AI Autonomous Car Gets Bored Anticipating Your Next Excursion?

In the future there is no doubt that we will have autonomous vehicles, cars that drive themselves, not only cars but buses, trucks, and perhaps even motorcycles. We already have trains, and aircraft which fly themselves, this will only become more common in those realms. Still, for autonomous vehicles to really do all that we perceive they will in the future, they will have to have more artificial intelligence, faster processing computers, and all of that will need to update itself from the cloud several times a day.

Of course, with all that information these computers will become self-actualized, they will feel as if they have a mind of their own, and much like the Internet they will appear to be thinking, adapting, and changing to the conditions in the real world in real time, even if most of their components were originally created for a virtual or augmented world. Now then, I have a question for you because artificial intelligence is scary for many people, it means that our computers, tools, equipment, and even our personal vehicles in the future will begin thinking on their own.

May I ask you what might happen when you're fully autonomous artificially intelligent car gets bored with you? What happens when he gets bored of driving straight and level, going the speed limit, and he just wants to go out and have some fun? What happens when your artificially intelligent car starts zigzagging in traffic, or taking turns extremely fast just for the fun of it? You may think that's a crazy notion, but haven't you ever just wanted to do that yourself, it's okay to admit it. I'm not going to hold against you. I'm sure you have gone around corners too fast, perhaps broken the speed limit now and again. Who knows, maybe you were bored?

Would you deny that same opportunity for another living and thinking being? You might say that an artificially intelligent autonomous car doesn't think, it can't reason, and it isn't alive? But if it perceives itself to be alive, even has a conscience, then it is alive. All higher-level thinking brains enjoy play, why wouldn't your fully autonomous artificially intelligent automobile?

What if it just starts up, opens the automatic garage door, and goes out for a spin all by itself? Yes, I guess this sounds like another Disney movie; "Cars IV in 4-D" and maybe it does, but my job here is to make you think, so I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Technological Advancements: The Future Of The Automotive Industry

A group of intelligent people turns "cannot" into "can" and their "dreams" into "plans". They believe that there is no remote exist that can control your life. You have to get up and change it in your own way. The situation is somewhat similar in the automotive world, where the automotive engineers and designers have to think of the changes that can lead this industry towards the right direction. The best way to achieve success is by converting your thoughts into reality. The accomplishments that the automotive world have attained is due to patience and passion of bringing something new to the automobile enthusiasts. People are demanding cars that are not just cars, they wish for some outstanding cars that will be a prodigy in themselves. They also desire for automobiles with some exceptional technologies that are beyond human imagination. It seems like a dream, but can only be accomplished with absolute intelligence.

Every Automobile brand is working to bring some unbelievable technologies in the vehicles that will not only give comfort to the drivers but also protect them. The technologies that are expected in the cars by 2020 are as follows:

Camera with 360 Degree Feature: Camera in cars is essential and expected to become a standard tool in almost all automobiles by 2020. With these cameras, you will be updated with the front and rear of your car. These cameras will be able to see 360 degrees. These will make you free from risking your life by getting shoulders out and see if your car is parking in the right direction or not.

Pedestrian Detection and Night Vision: Many people dream for the automobiles that automatically stop on the sudden appearance of the pedestrian. The idea is legitimate and achievable by 2020. It is possible through infrared light or amplifier that will detect the person coming to your way intentionally or unintentionally. Moreover, collision warning, lane departure warning and night vision with automatic braking will also be featured with pedestrian detection. Special display is expected in the vehicles that will display heat-based images making you stop your car without hitting someone.

Inter-Cars Communication: Cars running on the road will be able to communicate with each other as these will be connected through some wireless system. In this organization, vehicles can commune with stop lights, allow traffic reporting to the network and warn other vehicles of accidents. It will save time, fuel and even the lives of many.

Charging Through The Air: The idea is quite innovative but extremely difficult to apply. This will be the coolest and easiest way of charging that will contribute majorly in sustainable use of natural resources for the future generations.

Cars Manufactured Using Advanced Materials: Lightweight concept is very much in demand especially in the automotive industry. People are demanding cars that are lightweight and durable. Moreover, there is an increasing demand of accident-proof outer body which seems like a dream, but can be achieved by 2020. Carbon Fiber, Aluminum and Magnesium are some materials that will be used in the future for making different car parts.

Application Central: Concept of Wi-Fi is already there in the vehicles, but for this, you have to pay a monthly subscription. Automobile representatives are planning to make it free and common for all. Everyone can take pleasure of enjoying internet browsing and surfing for free by 2020.

All these technological features and many more will offer you a comfortable driving. It will surely give an entirely new driving experience to those who are passionate towards it. Moreover, some of these changes will also prove beneficial to our environment as automobile manufacturers have started thinking ecologically.

Top Four Car Accessories Sold Online

It is a well-known fact that buying a car from the showroom is not enough. The interior d├ęcor of the car is as important as the car itself. The car must be decorated with proper and comfortable seating arrangements and should also contain certain accessories that enhance the driving experience. Car accessories are one of the most sold items on any e-commerce website as most car owners tend it to buy these accessories online. We take a look at the most popular car accessories that are available online:

a. USB chargers: It is often a necessity to connect our phones or music player to a charger while on a long journey. A USB charger draws power from the car's system and charges up your device. Most chargers come with dual charging point, which lets you charge two devices at a time. This is beneficial for people carrying a laptop or a tablet as well as a cell phone.

b. Car DVD System: A Car DVD system helps you kill boredom while on a long trip. Although not applicable for the driver, this car accessory is a great device for other passengers to watch movies or any video content while on the move. These are adjustable devices that can be set up anywhere to suit the viewers. With SD card capability and motion-detecting features, watching movies on a Car DVD system is even more fun-filled and exciting.

c. GPS Navigation system: This is one of the most useful car accessories as it can guide you through unknown roads anywhere in the planet. With the help of established map services such as Google maps, these devices provide navigation instructions to the driver. This is extremely useful when you are in a new city, trying to figure out the route to a particular place. Apart from the large display screens that show the directions with respect to your current location, certain navigation devices also provide voice commands to guide you through.

d. MP3 player: A car without music would be considered incomplete by a lot of people. In fact, music players have become an integral part of the car, as even manufacturers provide additional slots to fit an external music system. MP3 players for cars are specially designed to accept pen drives and SD cards as input file sources. The more sophisticated music system also places small speakers at different corners of your car in order to provide a better musical experience.

5 Tips For Restoring Used Cars

Restoring a used car is a great way to get a rock bottom price for a car, and then turn it into a reliable vehicle. The key to really get your money's worth in restorations is to be able to handle them yourself. Whether you're looking to get involved in automotive careers, or you simply want to fix up the family car, these five tips will help you restore for less money and less hassle.

1 - Not All Cars Are Worthy of Restoration
When you buy the car you want to restore, it's fine if it's not all in one piece and several pieces must be bought separately. However, there are a few things you do want to avoid. A little bit of rust can be fine, but if it's corroding the structural parts then it should be avoided. Be sure to purchase the car in person, or at the very least ask for detailed pictures. Make sure you do your research so you understand both the market value of the restored car and the cost of restoring it.

2 - Use Only Professional Grade Parts
Your restoration will only be as good as the parts. Make sure that your parts and engine are both of professional quality. You can buy vintage parts online, at salvage yards, through classic car organizations, or a number of other places, but they should be of high quality. Remember that spending a little more on parts now can be the best value in the long run, if it means a car that lasts longer.

3 - Understand That There Will Be Setbacks
Even those who've worked in automotive careers for decades have occasional setbacks. Your goal should not be to have a flawless experience, but to learn from your mistakes and pay attention to what you could do better next time.

4 - There Are Some Things You Need Done From the Pros
There are certain things that may be worth paying extra for the professionals to handle. For example, unless you have a background in automotive painting, you may want the job professionally done. It's true that you can handle it at your home garage, but the professionals will have tools and products not available to the laymen.

5 - Prepare for Plenty of Space
One of the biggest mistakes people make the first time they restore a car is to assume that they won't need a ton of space. They believe they can simply use half their garage and get their car in tip-top shape. The reality is that not only does the car take up space, but you'll have tools, supplies, and possibly several people working on it at the same time. You don't want to have to move it in the middle of an essential task like automotive painting, so be sure you start off with plenty of room.

Car Body Repairs and the Modern Day Techniques

Even a fuel-efficient car, which stays in good condition for most of the time, might need some critical repairs as time progress. The paint might fade out and the car may develop minor scratches, dings and dents. Such damages are hard to fix using waxing. This is technicians are constantly seeking for effective ways of an auto body repair.

Completely Matching Auto Paint

No matter the car demands a complete body painting or an area wise painting for fixing dents or dings, the new paint must completely match with the original paint. Bodywork professionals these days, use a photo-spectrometer to find out the exact colour tone. This computerized paint matching system finds out the exact colour tone to that of the auto. Once they find the exact colour, they paint the auto and dry it to give it a uniform look.

Paint-free Dent Restoration Technique

Dents or dings normally show up on the vehicle when it collides with another vehicle (on the road) or with a hard surface. Dents normally develop at the angular or curved car surfaces. Even though such problems are easily noticeable, they are quite hard to fix. Paint-free dent restoration technique is the best method to fix such problems. Bodywork professionals have the necessary tools to push the dents, till they get back to the normal state. The technicians fix the impairment without doing any damage to the car paint. The auto mechanics normally use spray-filling technique for fixing the inaccessible dents.

Body Frame Restoration

When cars collide with another vehicle or heavy block on the road, it succumb major structural damage to the frame. In such cases, one must use a frame straightening method. They use a computerized equipment (featuring an ultrasound technology), to calculate the frame alignment error. Then a laser beam aligns the frame accurately to its original state.

Smart Repair Technique

This technique is extremely effective for repairing minor dings or chipped paints. It is a lot harder as compared to the other techniques. This technique only repairs or covers the affected area. It mostly suits the brand new vehicles as they have minor damages on the body while the major body part stays fresh and glossy. Some garages also give a mobile service, and can carry out the repairs at your home itself. With such garages, you do not have to wait too long, before you can use the vehicle again.

With recent advancements in auto body repair, getting a quality accident repair service is no longer difficult.

Mobile Oil Changing In Tight Spaces Considered

Boy have I learned my lessons over the years on engineering and designing auto service vehicles. You see, when I originated the concept of mobile car washing out in California in the late 1970s, I wanted to have a vehicle to work out of, one that didn't block parking lots while working. As the business grew bigger and bigger, eventually to 23-states and servicing some 450 cities, I realized just what a challenge that really was.

You see, our volumes increased meaning we need to carry more water, more equipment and modify our methods. But as we loaded more and more on our service units stuff started breaking. Consider that water weighs 8 pounds per gallon, and by then there were new environmental laws, meaning we had to reclaim our waste water - more equipment, more tanks, more room and more weight. In walks a multi-state contract with Standard Parking for their amenities program after an article I had written was featured in the parking industries two major publications (trade journals).

Whoops, now we had even more limited ability for space, tight spaces, weight limits, no trailers and height restrictions. Well, that's the history of the size and shape of the service vehicles I had re-engineered and re-configured. Then we added mobile oil changing since we already had a huge customer base. To make a long story short, I wasn't too surprised recently when a college student doing an MBA business plan project for school contacted me and asked;

What challenges present themselves when it comes to doing a mobile oil change in a tight space such as a company parking lot or garage? Would there be issues in going into these actual garages, or other common issues that you may have come across in your years?

Sure well, what about the challenge of head space of work vans, if you use vans you need ambulance suspension to handle the weight, but that raises height. Nothing pisses off people more than when you get in their way. People get claustrophobic and irrational in parking structures, it's an innate albeit genetic throw back fear.

Golf carts work better with small trailers, plus no smoke, people get angry when you run generators or motors, it's noisy or smoky. If you leave the golf cart in the facility or in one that is across the street from several that makes sense too, provided you have good security for it to lock it up. Well, that is my advice on this issue and trust me, those are ALL hard learned and costly lessons, so please consider all this and think on it.

7 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Car

Your car's life expectancy varies a lot whether you treat it well or badly. We summed up 7 tips that, if followed, will extend the life of your car.

Break-in Period: Tolerance

There's a break-in period after your car is bought, and that period lasts about 1000 kilometers. During that period you should maintain the car running at the recommended speed - these recommendations are on the manufacturer's paperwork.

You should also avoid putting your car under stress, such as runs during heavy rain or traffic where the car can sit in the same spot for hours. This will help your car last longer.

Drive with Care: Defensive Driving
Making defensive driving your everyday modus operandi while in your car will ensure that the car's components endure less stress and that its "life expectancy" grows.

Drive with care, don't put too much strain on the brakes or on the engine, don't push the steering and don't exaggerate if you want to keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

Petrol / Gas Supply: Cheaper doesn't mean it
Sometimes getting cheap petrol / gas at non-reputed petrol stations means that your car misses a lot of additives or gets some chemicals and residue that it shouldn't get. Make sure to supply your car with gas that is from trustworthy companies and reputed service providers - you are what you eat and cars aren't different.

If you get stuck: Have Patience.
If you get stuck in mud, snow or a pointy situation you will be tempted to force the hardware in your vehicle so you can avoid the trouble of getting help and that entire mess. Don't do it. If you get stuck in a place and you see the car won't budge, call for help before damaging any car component. There's no shame in getting help and it will save you money and your vehicle as well.

Don't put too much weight on the ignition.
There are some car keys that are in key chains, and sometimes those key chains can be pretty crowded with other keys, making the whole set heavy.

If this happens the ignition will be put under a lot of strain and you'll damage it over time - something you have to avoid.

Get good car insurance.
This is a given, your car will last much longer if it has good vehicle insurance, assistance and all that comes with that service.

Don't be afraid to pay a little more if you think the whole package is worth it and don't be afraid to ask for help from the insurance provider - that's why they are there.

Don't store your car outside.
They didn't "invent" garages to spare the paint. Being outside all year around really takes its toll on vehicles, and you should definitely ease the burden by keeping your car under a roof.

We hope that these measures will be applied by you and that you consider them useful. Now start applying them!

Show Some Tender Love And Care For Your Vehicle With Car Shampoo

If a man is really a gentleman, he should know how to care for his special girl. It is not really an issue what year your car was manufactured and released or what model it is or even how much power it has got under the hood. It does not really matter if you only reserve her for the weekend or if she is your everyday workhorse. How you shower her with TLC is actually the only thing that really matters.

Put it this way. Your car's exterior is bombarded with various elements on a daily basis, from industrial emissions to acids, from bird droppings and leaves to the sun and the rain. All of these can wreak permanent damage on your car's body. And the longer it takes before you wash these off your car, the larger the extent of the damage becomes, which can include pitting and rusting.

While harmful particles can be eliminated by washing your car with water, they can remain trapped. If you are still not convinced, there are actually a number of substantial reasons why should washing your car should be part of your weekend or daily routine.

Regularly cleaning your car and applying car polish on it is the easiest way to protect your investment in your car. This allows you to get a higher resale or trade-in value for it when you go on the market for a new one. Washing your car regularly keeps you safer on the road. As you clean your car's windshield, mirrors and signal lights, you can see better on the road. Another surprising benefit of regular car washes is that it helps improve fuel economy. A clean car also has less wind resistance which translates to lower fuel consumption. Finally, you'd feel proud riding a car that is clean and well-maintained.

Here are a number of tips for you to keep in mind in cleaning your car. The very first thing is washing your car from top to bottom. Doing so will enable you to minimise the risk of scratching the finish of your car. Furthermore, rinse the wash cloth, brush or sponge that you are using regularly to avoid residues from accumulating in them as these sediments can easily scratch your vehicle's surface or leave swirl marks. Second, it is always best to make use of a hose that has a spray nozzle that can make it possible for you to control the flow of water and conserve it at the same time. And finally, choose products for cleaning cars that are manufactured for such purposes.

How to Keep Your Fuel Costs Down

With the cost of fuel rising, it is becoming harder to keep control of petrol/diesel expenditure - especially if you have rented a hire car, and they charge you for fuel usage. Follow these top tips to keep your car as efficient as possible, and save money at the same time!

1. Slow down
This seems obvious, but many people still drive too fast and wonder why they are using excessive fuel. Driving at around 50-55mph rather than 70mph is much more economical. Be careful though as driving too slowly on motorways and other busy roads is very dangerous - just as unsafe as driving too fast!

2. Change gear properly
A lot of people drive and rev their cars really high before they change gear. Try to shift gear around the 3000rpm mark, and get into fifth as soon as possible. Driving at 35mph in third gear not only uses up a lot of fuel but also bad for your engine.

3. Don't brake excessively
When coming to a roundabout or traffic lights, there is no need to brake so quickly. Slow down using the gears and sometimes you may not even need to stop. When you do have to stop and wait though, put the car into neutral rather than in gear to save a bit of fuel (and cramp in your left foot!)

Avoid braking when you don't need to, drive 100yards or so behind the person in front of you, then when they brake you have a bit more time to slow down.

4. Be cool (but not too cool!)
Using the air conditioning clocks up a fair amount of fuel consumption, so try to keep the usage to a minimum. Remember though, driving with your windows open on motorways and busier roads causes drag from the airflow and ultimately uses just as much fuel as the air conditioner.

5. Check your tyres
Having fully pumped up tyres can be beneficial to your car's fuel economy. Tyres lose about 1 PSI every month so make sure you keep topped up, having the correct pressure and tread can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 3%.

6. Unload your baggage
Carrying excess weight in your car can cause unnecessary fuel use. Extra weight = extra fuel. Lighten the load by taking out anything you don't need for that trip. It might not seem like a lot but you're doing your bank account a massive favour.

7. Check your air filter
When your air filter gets clogged with dust and dirt, it has to work harder and therefore uses a lot more fuel. Change the air filter when necessary so you can get more from your fuel in the long-term.

Finally, consider if you actually need to drive. It isn't just better for your wallet to walk or cycle instead but it's much more beneficial for the environment and your own fitness.

Why You Should Own a Car Charger?

The rapid advancements in technology have changed the pace of our lives. Smartphones and tablets are now an indispensable part of our professional and personal domain. These devices make our lives a lot easier, as it provides access to important documents and connectivity to close ones while we are on the move. Similarly, better roads and improved transportation system has broadened our sphere of work. Most people find themselves travelling more often for work-related purposes. Our dependency on technology has reached such a level that it has become necessary that we stay connected to our smartphones even when we are travelling.

The persistent problem that most corporate professionals face is that while on a long journey, these electronic devices discharge in a few hours and it becomes difficult to communicate with people. However, technology has found out a way to deal with the situation by inventing car chargers. It is a charging device connected to your car, which ensures that our phone batteries are always charged up sufficiently.

Car chargers are one of the most popular cell phone and tablet accessories being sold currently. These standalone devices have a USB connector through which you can charge your phone or tablet. The advanced models also provide dual charging points, thereby allowing you to plug both your tablet and smartphone at the same time. Most of these devices are targeted for a particular model. Some chargers are made exclusively for iPhones and iPads, and they are not guaranteed to work with other devices such as Android phones. This is because Android and Apple products have different internal circuitry, which is why their power requirements are not the same. However, if you plug your Android phone in with a "charge-only" cable, it is more likely to work with iPhone specific chargers.

Before you purchase a car charger, it is important to check the device specifications. The first criterion of a good charging device is the speed with which it charges the phone. Normal car chargers would perform at a reasonable speed, but good ones transmit power to the phone battery at full speed. The power output of the device would give you a better idea about its capability. Most USB gadgets work at a voltage of 5 volts, while the smartphones require 1 amp of multiplying current for proper functioning. However, in case of tablets, both iPads and Android devices generally require 2.4 amps of current. However, tablets charge at a slower speed than phones, which is why you should invest on a good car charger that operates at full speed.

Repossessed Vehicle Auctions - 5 Facts You Should Know Before Bidding

Why do such repossessed vehicle auctions exist, and why are such vehicles sold at repossessed vehicle auctions? The answer is that local banks know that this is the only method by the bank can earn money from such vehicles. Prices will also tend to be much lower at repossessed vehicle auctions, attracting many people, ensuring that a sale will be made. Thus, the bank (along with associated financial institutions) will stand to gain from the bids. If prices are low and vehicles are many, then why should you still be cautious when bidding at repossessed vehicle auctions? Take note of the following facts before visiting repossessed vehicle auctions, and before you make repossessed vehicle auctions your main source for finding that car you need. 1. Not all repossessed vehicles are alike, and repossessed vehicle auctions will host a wide variety of vehicles that will have various warranties and functionality. This means that you have to deal with vehicles on a case by case basis, and look at each vehicle's quality. Make no assumptions at repossessed vehicle auctions. You will not be guaranteed a good car if the car next to it is attractive. 2. Repossessed vehicle auctions are not exactly known for their quality wares, especially since many of the vehicles up for bidding will be from a wide variety of places. Some vehicles may suffer from neglect, and may earn you more money if you sell it to a junk shop. Yet others have damaged upholstery, or old parts, or even faulty electronics. Most repossessed vehicle auctions will not sell high quality cars, so if you are not willing to inspect a car before buying it, be prepared to shoulder the repairs it will most likely go through. 3. Although rare, some repossessed vehicle auctions will feature vehicles that belong to rather disgruntled, and sometimes careless owners. These owners may even be the vindictive type, and can sabotage the vehicle. Before buying or bidding for a vehicle, ask for its history, and, if you can, get the name of the former owner. 4. Older car models may not be up to today's safety standards. Their engines may be defective, and you may find yourself spewing out black smoke on the road, and getting yourself a legal reprimand in the process. Older cars may also be less fuel efficient than today's cars, so be careful when purchasing such vehicles at repossessed vehicle auctions. You may end up saving on the car, but spending more on fuel in the long run. 5. The same rule on contract signing applies to all cars, even those sold at auctions. Read the fine print and know the terms and conditions of your ownership and purchase. There may be hidden fees to pay, or warranties that have elapsed, or accidents and damages not covered by guarantees. Take note of these details before signing that contract or making that bid. If you want to participate in repossessed vehicle auctions, then consult with mechanics, former car owners, and even car dealers that you know. If you can get the advantages on your side, you may find your dream car after you make that bid.

Buying Used Police Cars At Reasonable Prices From Auctions

Are you planning to purchase a car?

Every one needs a car, nowadays. It is more than just a desire. It is actually a necessity today to be able to have a car to help one get around.

However, not everyone has the financial capacity to purchase a brand new car. Prices are so high nowadays and it is not easy to earn that sufficient amount of money.

Thus, one should know the other options in buying a car. One can buy it under a loan or mortgage. Some seek for second-hand vehicles that are still good for use. Some look for old cars for remodeling.

People now should also start exploring buying used cars from auctions.

Public Auctions

Public auto auctions are conducted by the through the local government agencies or the local police department.

The auction offers cars such as those seized by the government, retired police cars and even government vehicles that are not anymore used.

These public auctions can offer the cars at very reasonable prices, considering the need to dispense with the properties. Some can even be bought for as low as 5 percent of the actual market price.

Buying Used Police Cars

It is actually a good idea to buy used police cars from the public auctions.

For one, not everybody can own a police car, even if it is one that has been retired already.

There are no warranties when purchasing used police cars from public auctions, but you can at least have the assurance that you get a car with good condition.

Government vehicles are well-maintained as they are used for functions. Police cars particularly are regularly checked to be able to meet the exigencies of the job. Thus, you have the assurance that the cars are not badly beaten.

Here are other points to keep in mind when purchasing a used police car.

1. Necessity over Want

It is best to use this option only if the person really needs to purchase a car right away. One cannot expect too much from the police auto auctions when it comes to the variety of vehicles.

There is no certainty that they will be able to offer your dream car, so it is important not to keep the hopes up.

Some public auctions that offer government-seized property can showcase high end vehicles. However, this depends on the circumstances. The probability of chancing upon this opportunity is something left to luck.

2. Prepare Enough Money

Used police cars can only be purchased from the public auctions. As such, you will have to go with the procedures implemented at such auctions.

It is a must to prepare ahead of time enough money that can cover the price of a bid.

It is possible to make an inquiry to the police department at how much the used cars are generally sold.

Get information also on what are the types of vehicles are going to be sold. Determine their current market price and having enough money to cover 50 percent would be enough allowance for the bidding.

3. Be Ready with the Personal Documents

It is imperative to keep personal documentation at hand. The public auctioneer will require their bidders to give out necessary information and proper identification.

This is the government working here. Expect that there will be legal requirements for the purchase. So just be ready with these items as to not give up your opportunity to others who are more prepared.

5 Tips To Buy A Seized Car Through Police Auto Auctions

Most kids dream of becoming a cop, being able to ride the police car and engage in some heroic deed and save the day of another person.

It sounds just perfect for a dream.

To some who eventually became cops, the possibility is present. To those who did not make it, dreaming is still an option or at the least, they can purchase a car from the police auctions.

Police Auto Auctions

Ordinarily speaking, one cannot really purchase police cars and cause misrepresentation to the public.

However, through the public or government auto auctions, police cars and other cars that have figured in police encounters or seizures can be sold for use by purchasers.

Through the police auto auctions, cars that are seized by the government can be purchased by the highest bidder.

This way any properties that are previously deemed illegal for use can now be properly released to willing buyers for a legitimate utility.

It is also one way of buying cars at very reasonable, if not completely cheap prices.

The automobiles showcased on police auctions can range from the ordinary car foreclosed or to a luxurious BMW or Mercedes seized by the government away from criminal or fraudulent transactions.

There are also government vehicle like those used for transportation services or the retired police automobiles that are up for sale at very low prices.

The good thing about the government vehicles is that one can expect these to be well-maintained considering they have been used for service.

Helpful Tips in Making the Wise Purchase at Police Auto Auctions

1. Know the Date of the Auction

Public auctions are given by the police departments at certain days of the year. Know which day it is scheduled in your locality by inquiring at the police department or checking the listings for announcement.

Some details that you will need can also be checked out on the internet. There are certain web sites that provide the information. Check out if there is one that features your locality.

2. Research Ahead regarding the Car

Those who wish to purchase automobiles must research on the specifications that they need from a car and what types of autos should be focused on during the auction.

This way, one can determine what price is reasonable enough to pay for.

3. Research Ahead regarding the Public Auction

If there are any announcements as to the public auctions, inquire ahead if there are cars up for bidding.

Police auctions involve stuff seized by the government because of crimes committed by other people, most of the time.

Unless it is labeled as police auto auctions, there is no certainty that the public auction will necessarily include cars.

4. Prepare Enough Money

Unlike regular auctions, police auto auctions require that goods sold are purchased right away.

Even checks, as a general rule, may not be accepted unless the department makes exceptions after proper processing.

5. No Warranties

Consider also the element that the purchase you made will not include a warranty for the vehicle. The car you bought cannot be simply returned if it did not meet your expectations. It is also difficult to get reimbursements.


People need cars to easily and efficiently go about their daily lives. Not having enough money is not anymore an obstacle.

Simply maximize events such as police auto auctions and you can get more worth for less money.

5 Tips To Buy Cheap Cars From Government Repossession Auctions

Buying cars from government repossession auctions can sometimes be tedious and stressful.

That is because there are a lot of beautiful and great cars that are always being auctioned at such trading activities, and being a shopaholic that you are, you practically would want to get hold of all those cars you have set your eyes at.

Thus, it would be advisable and helpful for you to take into consideration the following practical guidelines that would help you buy government repossession cars at public auctions at cheap prices.

1. Repossession cars sold by the government at public auctions are to be considered second-hand commodities. That is why it just follows that the prices of these merchandise should also fit that for second-hand products. Government auctions selling cars are ought to dispose and sell repossessed cars at cheap prices.

However, because the process is still an auction, people bid and trump each other's tenders, sometimes leading the car prices to significantly rise up. When that happens, make sure you are willing to take all the price hikes and that you would not resent paying premiums for a second hand car.

2. Seek expert or professional advice regarding the particular car of your choice you want to buy from the government repossession car auction. That is because sometimes, there are technical aspects of car-buying that are not familiar to you. There are jargons and engine specifications that you still know a little about.

Additionally, prices are sometimes not proportional or fit for the repossessed car at auction. It would not hurt bringing along a friend or an expert when inspecting a repossessed vehicle at a government auction.

3. Check the repossessed car at its entirety. There might be unexposed and undiscovered flaws and defects that when exposed would help drive down the tag price of the repossessed car being auctioned. The government might sometimes unintentionally conceal such minor or even major defects because, for all you know, it might have not practically discovered the problem in the first place.

4. Start at a low and cheap bid. If there are already existing bids, make sure if you aim to trump or outbid them, you just add a little amount on top of the currently existing highest bid.

If the bidding process goes on, and the tag price become unreasonably high and impractical, better let the repossessed car go. For sure, there would be other cars in auction that are far better and superior than that contested one. Do not stop looking for a great and cheap buy.

5. If you have already closed a deal, make sure you talk to the proper authorities regarding the payment arrangement you are more comfortable to pursue.

The payment scheme could either be in cold cash, which usually comes in great discounts as rewards, in checks, which need further arrangements and guarantees, and through a combination of both, but in installment terms. Make sure to pave the way and set the arrangements clearly and properly before closing on the deal.

If you really want to buy cheap cars from government repossession auctions, the most important thing you should always bear in mind is to maintain your focus.

Focus on your aims, the car's tag price and the flow of the bidding and make the quick judgment whether you still want to get hold of that car. Good luck!

All About Damaged Auto Auctions

If you are a person who is very budget-conscious buyer who's looking for a car and getting a brand new or even a quality second-hand one is not your thing, then you can go for a damaged car auction. The same thing goes for individuals who like the challenge of making diamonds out of dirt.

Damaged cars are probably the lowest-priced automobiles out there in the markets today. A brand new car basically loses a little less than a quarter of its value during the first time it is driven out in the street after the purchase, a damaged car has lost most of its market-value after years of torture or after a certain unfortunate incident. However, value is relative to the things that are done to the damaged car. Value can be restored eventually.

Damaged cars should be seen on the level of their "potential" restored value. Of course, no one will ever re-buy a damaged car if he has no intention of making it better for some future purpose. Auctions are great ways of getting one's hands on damaged cars. These events are participated upon by different individuals who have different intentions.

Some intend to reconstruct the cars to use them eventually for transportation. Some intend to learn how to make repairs and modifications and so they use these cars as experiments. But whatever the motivation, damaged cars are still popular to the masses.

What are some things that people need to know about damaged car auctions? Damaged car auctions are comparable to the regular car auctions. Here are some basic things that people who are participating in damaged car auctions should take into mind:

1) Know why you would want to have a damaged car

It is all a matter of purpose. People go to a regular car auction to be able to find great quality cars at great bargains. In a damaged car auction, people don't go to find great quality cars but they look for potentially restorable cars. If you are buying a damaged car to restore it and use it as a mode of transportation in the future, you should give it good thinking.

2) Know your costs

Get the list of damaged cars that are being auctioned. From the list, choose the model that you would want to get your hands into. Do a little research and find more information about the said model, especially with regards to its current market price. Setting prices that you are willing to pay for a damaged car can be a little bit tricky, so our suggestion is that you make a table, or a matrix where in you put in different conditions and different prices that go along with such conditions. For example, "damaged hood" and "Damaged tail lights" should given values and these should be subtracted to the price that you are willing to pay for the car.

3) Compare your prices

The main point in getting a damaged car is to get a restorable car and hopefully, the whole cost of acquiring the car and the costs of restoring it into a tolerable condition. If you are better off getting a quality second-hand vehicle than getting a damaged car and restoring it to its glory, then do so. Take note that some of the spare parts for such damaged cars can be hard to find. Also, there are some conditions that can't simply be repaired and a whole overhaul is needed.

4) Thorough inspection is a must

Before bidding for a certain car of your choice, make sure that you inspect the vehicle thoroughly. Get to the venue early and start searching for the car and inspect it. Buyers should especially be wary about flood-damaged cars. Buying flood-damaged cars can have nasty repercussions during later stages because some of the damages that flood inflicts into cars cannot be easily seen and are permanent.

5) Secure all the papers

Don't forget to secure all the papers if you were successful in buying a damaged car. A damaged car is still a car and the papers should be intact for future purposes.

Damaged cars connotes negative thoughts and impressions, however, it's all about mindsets. One should look at them in terms of their potential and how this potential can be actualized. Great buys are never easy to have, but with the right mindset and strategy, one can make diamonds out of dirt through restoring damaged cars.

Seized Auto Auction

Have you ever wondered how people have the money to buy such luxury cars as Mercedes or BMWs? There is a good chance that these people bought their car from a government seized auto auction, or similar repossessed auto auction. There is a good chance that he/she did not buy that car at its full price. If you are really want to get a car like that, seized auto auctions are often a great way to find awesome affordable cars.

The cars that come from seized auto auctions are from criminals that have been caught. The government seized these cars because these criminals were dealing drugs or other illegal activities. Seized auto auctions are also sometimes repossessed cars that people could not afford and were seized by the bank. You can find practically an type of auto at a seized auto auction, including popular brands like Mercedes, Honda, BMW, Lexus, Cadillac, and Toyota, at far less than blue book prices.

These cars many times had only one owner, and often have very little mileage. You are going to find many vehicles in great condition at a seized auto auction. These autos will go for 3 to 4 times their price in a dealership, but are offered at less than wholesale prices at a seized auto auction.

The reason why there are so many of these great cars is that very few people know about seized auto auctions. Often times, dealers have the inside information on seized auto auctions and get these cars before you do, and sell them for 3-4 times the price they bought them at.

Pick out the cars you are interested in and inspect each auto thoroughly. And make sure that you get a Carfax report on whatever car you're interested in. Always be sure that you are allowed to have the cars inspected by a mechanic too.

You can definitely find the car of your dreams at a seized auto auction. And the prices that you'll find will shock you. Don't ever go to a dealer! Always check out seized auto auctions first!

Buying Good Quality Vehicles At Cheap Prices From Government Auctions

If you are looking for good quality government owned vehicles, publicly held government vehicle auctions might be your best bet. Such auction sites offer you not only good quality government trucks and other vehicles to bid on, you can also have the chance to own them at substantially lesser prices.

What is good about government vehicle auctions is that you can be assured of bidding on well-maintained vehicles. Many government agencies take pride in the care and maintenance of the vehicles in their fleet. It is also part of their job to comply with work safety regulations that require them to keep such vehicles at peak performance while still in use. And all government agencies also rotate their inventory on a regular basis and are mandated by law to put their surplus inventory up for public auction.

In most government vehicle auctions, it is normal to find most vehicles with their own log books detailing their service history. This information will be most helpful for the bidders looking for the best quality vehicles available at such government vehicle auctions. It is good to know that most of the vehicles put up for bidding still fall under their manufacturers' warranty. It is also common in such government vehicle auctions to find vehicles that are just two to three years old with relatively low mileage in between them.

As attractive and exciting as it may seem to go to government vehicle auctions, it always pays to go there well prepared. By going to such public auctions, you have it in mind to look for the best vehicle deals available with the intention of getting it at the lowest price possible. You do not go to such lengths to register as a bidder just to be part of the excitement. Each bidder's intention is to be able to own and get a prospect vehicle at the end of the auction day.

It is also important to note that, at government vehicle auctions, it is every bidder for himself. Prices may not always be the lowest and some bidding wars may even go overboard. But all that depends on the bidders themselves. It is the bidders who ultimately control the prices of the vehicles up for bid. Bidding wisely is a vital component of getting the best deals available.

It is also important to check out the vehicle prospects at government vehicle auctions beforehand. Most government held public auctions usually schedule an Inspection Day allowing the bidders to have the chance to personally check out prospective vehicles up for bid. During the Inspection Day, bidders will be able to check out the vehicles in and out, even starting and revving up the engines. As with most government vehicle auctions, catalogs are also distributed which lists all the vehicles to be placed up for bid on auction day along with pertinent vehicle information to help guide the bidders on structuring their bids.

A mock bidding session is also held briefly just before the actual auction to give the bidders a chance to familiarize themselves with the bidding process. It is wise for every bidder to be present at such mock auctions to prepare them for the real deal. It is always exciting being part of such government vehicle auctions. You can try it out yourself sometime.

Tips To Buy Cheap Vehicles From Federal Auto Auctions

Why settle for a second-hand sedan when you can buy a used sports or luxury car for the same price? I am not pulling your leg. It is really possible for you to buy your dream vehicle at low prices.

Just attend federal auto auctions and you will see for yourself that acquiring luxury vehicles at rock bottom prices is possible.

1. Federal Auto Auctions Unveiled

Federal auto auctions are basically public sale of vehicles that are sponsored by national or local government agencies. The vehicles sold in such auctions are usually forfeited, confiscated, or repossessed by various government organizations. Surplus vehicles that are previously owned by Federal agencies and its employees are also sold in these venues.

Government-seized cars are vehicles that Federal government units have forfeited or confiscated from criminals. These automobiles are either used by bad elements in illegal activities or are properties that they own. On the other hand, surplus vehicles are usually retired government vehicles.

Federal auto auctions are regularly held across the country. You can even buy vehicles in government-sponsored auctions over the Internet. Check classified ads and the papers for announcements and lists of government-sponsored car auctions.

2. Advantages of Federal Auto Auctions

The main benefit that we can get from buying cars from federal auto auctions is the low price. However, it is important for you to understand that this is an auction and there is a slight probability that prices of items sold here can go up.

The price would really depend on the number of people who are will to jostle or compete for certain items. So be wise in bidding so you can get the best deals.

You can get your supply of cars for your buy-and-sell car business from federal auto auctions. I have some friends who are making lots of money from reselling the items, particularly automobiles, which they have bought cheaply at federal auto auctions.

One problem that many encounter in buying second-hand vehicles is paperwork. Sometimes, the discount that you got from buying used cars is offset by the money you need to spend for car registration and other important documentation.

If you buy from federal auto auctions, however, you are ensured that the pertinent documents needed for the registration and transfer of ownership of the vehicle are complete.

3. Important reminders

Do your homework first before attending federal auto auctions. You should know the resale value of the model or type of car you intend to buy. Instead of saving money, some people end up paying more than the market value of the car that they bought because of lack of knowledge.

Always keep in mind that auction in Latin means to increase progressively or gradually. Start your bid low and slowly bring it up if you have competition. Tendering a high bid at the start usually sparks a bidding fever that pushes the price of the car at very high levels.

Lastly, you should check the cars you are interested in buying at federal auto auctions, or any auto auction for that matter, before even tendering a bid.

Attend pre-bid inspection events so you can check the cars inside and out. Bring along a mechanic or a friend who is familiar with engines and market value of used cars. They can help you decide whether the cars you are interested in bidding for are worth it.

Buy A Dirt Cheap Car From Government Auto Auctions

Have you ever wondered how that guy across the street was able to afford that shiny Mercedes or that fully and amazingly loaded Jaguar or BMW?

Have you ever caught yourself dreaming that you are riding comfortably on a luxurious car?

Stop dreaming and smell the car wax, that auto might have been purchased in a government auto auction for almost a fraction of the car's original value.

Ever obsessed on keeping up with the Joneses? Relax, be the Joneses for one and attend a government auto auction in your locality.

Where do the cars in government auto auctions come from?

Believe it or not, these autos auctioned off by the government come from caught criminals.

The government has always seized luxury high end cars as well as vehicles that are customized during investigations that are criminal in nature.

Some of the autos that are government-seized include BMW, Acura, Honda, Cadillac, Infiniti, Mercedes, Lexus, Nissan, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, among others.

If you are the type of car buyer who is interested in an extremely high end auto, a government auto auction is great for you.

Why buy in a government auto auction?

Believe it or not, thousands upon thousands of bargains are available in government auto auctions.

Whether the car be for yourself or for a teenager who just received his license, a government auto auction actually offer the best price in the market.

Almost all models and makes are available in a government auto auction. Your dream car could actually be at hand without breaking your wallet or sacrificing your very own safety.

Just like banks, the government also wants to get rid of their inventory as soon as possible as the cost of storing such luxury vehicles are high. Just like you, they also want to save money.

As much as possible, try to save time, effort and money by not listening to a fast talking, double dealing car salesman when your could purchase on your own a luxury car where all the info you need - and probably more - is offered to you by the government.

Look on, over and under the hood. Get inside, through, over and outside the car for inspection just before bidding. You will most probably find the car you are looking for and get to live and ride for real.

All in all, a government auto auction is an answer to your prayer of having the car you have always wanted for less of its actual retail price without sacrificing quality.

Auto Auctions - Going, Going, Gone Driving

An auto auction is quite simply an auction for vehicles, usually cars.

The auction process takes place as normal, with the lot being displayed, and bidders contesting each other, with an auctioneer presiding. Usually an auto auction takes place between car dealerships and is not open to the general public.

Auto auctions often deal with off-lease, off-rental, company cars, or repossessed vehicles. Off-lease means vehicles returned to the financial institution at the end of a lease term, and are usually only found at auctions. Off-rental refers to the practice of rental companies to update their fleets of cars every years, meaning that they have a stock of well kept cars of a recent model and only a short usage, which need to go. Car dealerships will likely want these cheaper cars to fill up their stocks. Company cars and larger vehicles are a similar affair, being constantly updated, but the amount of use and the condition is as varied as the amount of different vehicles used by a large corporation. Repossessed vehicles have been recalled by companies either voluntarily in the case of defects or product changes or involuntary in the case of misuse.

Auto auctions allow a dealer to get rid of old stock that would not sell to the public. They keep the variety of vehicles moving and also allow dealers to assess the condition of the market by looking at the quality of cars and the actions of other dealers. The prices of cars at auctions are not low enough to make killer profits but do allow the dealers more freedom. One problem with auctions however is that the vehicles cannot be inspected by mechanics or test driven until sale is complete. Dealers are legally required to announce faults or problems before auction but still sometimes discrepancies lead to unpleasantness. On the whole, however, auction is a very useful tool to a dealer.

Electric Cars: A Brilliant Outlook

There is a brilliant outlook for electric cars and more than likely we will see lasting changes in transportation in future years. New knowledge has afforded us a bright outlook for the future and the future of electric cars is ahead. We are now throwing aside many fears that we had and we are going forward blindly as we replace older automobiles with newer electric cars. With the modern technology being used in these cars, all our preconceived ideas of transportation may be challenged and changed for the better.

Changes such as these do not happen in one day, but it has taken some time to come to this point. Electric cars are an actuality that can no longer be ignored, and they are changing the way we think about cars, no matter what gasoline companies have to say. Many environmental damages have occurred due to the emissions from fuel powered automobiles, but electric cars can open the gate to a recovery from this damage that has been done. Electric cars will help us help the environment to preserve the world for our descendants in the future.

Even though electric cars are leading to a brilliant future there will always be a struggle between the older ways of doing things and modern technology that is emerging. Change is always inevitable and the change in transportation methods is here to stay. The changes that are occurring can help humankind grow together and work to achieve goals that have never been achieved before. If we work together we can improve the state of our environment to improve the world we live in for your children and their children.

If you are interested in having a world that has less pollution than today then electric cars are going to come into play in your life. There are many harmful emissions released from fuel powered vehicles that harm the atmosphere and the earth. Electric cars offer an alternative to the pollution of gas powered vehicles. Since technology has offered a way to better the earth for the future we should go ahead and embrace the new technology that is offered. Electric cars are here to stay and soon they will be produced on a broader scale and available to everyone who wants one.

Hybrid Vehicles Going Mainstream

No longer the butt of jokes by large SUV owners, hybrid cars are now the choice of mainstream America and are poised to have another record sales year.

After gas prices jumped 13% in 2006 over 2005 consumers flocked to the hybrids and haven't left them as gas prices continue to be unstable and spook consumers. Sport-utility vehicles and pickup trucks built by General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor continue to nose dive in sales while the hybrid car sales are immune to fluctuating gas prices, and only increase when gas prices soar.

Consulting firm KPMG International recent poll showed 89 percent of auto executives questioned described fuel economy as the top factor when consumers are selecting new vehicles. Compared to 58% in 2002.

Now a new study has even dispelled the one argument against purchasing a hybrid car, it's cost. Los Angeles-based www.Intellichoice.com now has reported hybrids save you money over gas cars. On average, sedans of similar size to the Prius cost motorists an average of $33,305 over the first five years of ownership, compared to the hybrid Prius $19,897. This more than justifies the additional $1000-$5000 hybrid cars typically cost. Not to mention the thousands saved in fuel costs and the many state rebate programs!

With the rosy picture for hybrid cars you would think Ford and GM would be backing hybrid car production this year. Surprisingly they have little to offer now and little for the near future. They appear to be focusing on layoffs and cutting production instead. They still can't shake their SUV gas guzzling ways. Sure the 90's were good for sales, but watching your own self destruction for 10 years should be a wake up call. Who's running Ford and GM, Ripp Van Winkle?

Advantages for Hybrid Electric Vehicles for You

The advantages for hybrid electric vehicles keeps increasing. They're currently in such great demand that they've far outsold the industry predictions.

Although hybrid vehicles presently cost more than comparable conventional gas cars, that's going to change. As consumer demand continues to increase, mass production will also increase, bringing costs down and making hybrid cars even more competitive.

But what are the advantages for hybrid electric vehicles right now?

Well, one advantage is hybrid electric vehicles can save you money on fuel, since every tank of gas lasts a lot longer. And with today's high fuel costs, that could add up to a lot of money.

For example, the Toyota Prius can drive 450 miles, the equivalent of a trip from New York to Cleveland, on a single tank of gas. And the Honda Insight, a smaller car designed for maximum efficiency, can run for as far as 700 miles without refueling.

Getting 40 mpg or more with a hybrid compared to 20 mpg or less with a conventional gas car will cost only half as much as you're paying right now for gas. You'll also save time from standing around pumping gas. And remember, your time is worth something too.

Another major advantage of hybrid electric cars for many concerned drivers is the fact that they do a lot less damage to the environment. For some consumers, feeling better about the environmental effects of the car they drive can offset the higher current cost of purchasing a hybrid car.

Not only do hybrid electric vehicles use less gas, they also burn fuel cleaner and more efficiently. The Toyota Prius, for example, meets the strictest California emission standards. It rates as a partial zero emissions vehicle (PZEV).

And, if you're concerned about global warming, the Prius also reduces greenhouse carbon dioxide gas emissions by around 50%. And, as technology improves, hybrid cars will cut global warming emissions even more, as well as reduce air pollution associated with asthma, cancer and other serious health concerns.

Driving a hybrid car has an advantage for some people of making a political statement. Many drivers enjoy driving past the gas station knowing they're not sending their hard-earned dollars to the Middle East to support war, terrorism or repressive regimes. Since cars and trucks, in this country, account for 40 percent of oil consumption, small improvements in fuel economy can make a huge difference in energy independence.

Did you know that more than two thirds of the world's oil resources are under just six countries - Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iran and Qatar? More than 50 billion dollars a year is spent in peacetime and a lot more during war years to ensure that the U.S. has free access to Persian Gulf oil.

But, according to leading environmental attorney, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, if everyone were getting just another 7.6 mpg of gasoline we would be able to eliminate 100% of all oil imports from the Middle East.

When you take everything into consideration, there are more than enough advantages for hybrid electric vehicles for everyone to consider making their next automobile purchase a hybrid model.

Tesla Electric Car - a Penny a Mile

The new Tesla electric car is hot! But, as the company website proudly claims, "it burns rubber, not gasoline!"

This is not just any old electric car. The Tesla electric car is a beauty and definitely one of a kind. It comes with a Lotus designed chassis and has better acceleration than a Lamborghini Murcielago.

The Tesla is more than twice as fuel efficient as the best hybrid car. It only costs about a penny a mile to drive, goes up to 250 miles on a single charge and all you have to do is plug it in every night like you do your cell phone or iPod.

Who said electric cars weren't fun?

Ever since the early days of automobiles over a hundred years ago, electric cars have always been considered to be dull and boring. Oh sure, an electric car was fine if you only had a short commute or had to shop at the local grocery and couldn't get there by foot or bicycle. But they were slow, ugly and hardly more than glorified golf carts.

But two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, have changed all that forever. They've designed an electric car that's exciting to drive and gorgeous to look at!

The Tesla Roadster is a 100% electric, two-seater convertible that goes from zero to 60 mph in about 4 seconds, with a top speed of around 130 mph. It also has no clutch and a wide, flat torque curve, which means no matter which of the two gears you're driving in or how fast you're going, acceleration is instantaneous.

Whether you're at a stoplight or on the interstate and want to pass the car in front of you, just step on the pedal and off you go like a shot.

The Toyota Prius, on the other hand, which is the best selling hybrid, takes over ten seconds to go from zero to 60. Of course, the Prius isn't a sports car, but this comparison will give you an idea of just how efficient and well engineered an electric car can be. For example, the Tesla electric motor has only one moving part, yet it still cranks out 248 hp.

The car's energy comes from 6,831 lithium ion batteries. These are the same batteries you use to charge your laptop or cell phone. It comes with a portable charging pack - in case you're traveling more than 125 miles from home - and the batteries only take about 3 1/2 hours to fully charge.

By the way, the batteries are recyclable and Tesla guarantees them for five years or 100,000 miles.

However, if you want the thrill of owning the new Tesla, it's going to cost you a 100 grand. But, if all goes according to plan, the price will come down as more cars are sold. They've already got a second more affordable sports sedan in the works.

In the past, electric cars were designed by people who believed you shouldn't be driving at all and, if you were, you should be punished. It's no wonder they never caught on. But the Tesla electric car promises a "sweet" future!

Importance of Electric Car Parts in Hybrid car

Electric cars are getting commonplace day by day thanks to the fact that they have become very efficient to run and very cheap to maintain but just like any other vehicle, electric cars also suffer the wear and tear of time and the electric car parts need to be replaced and repaired. This means that people are on regular hunt for electric car parts needed for repair and replacement work. Most of the electric car manufacturers and electric car kit makers also sell high quality electric car parts which are easily available now in markets because of increasing demands and improving supply streams.

Electric car parts are generally of two types firstly those which are meant for electric conversion kits and secondly those meant for factory made electric car models. In fact battery is one of the most sought after electric car part. Both types of products are easily available provided you look for them in the right places. Generally the quality is very good but if someone sells you electric car parts like battery at prices too good to be true, it's the best option to stay clear of these products as they may either be totally substandard or their quality must be subject to suspicion.

The electric car parts for factory made electric cars are generally available from the original equipment manufacturers. These products go through a number of hard quality checks and also certified by many quality assurance companies. If brought from an authorized dealer, the genuineness of the electric car part is almost every time guaranteed. These kinds of electric car parts may be made using proprietary technology and may not be available in open market from other manufacturers, thus if the original equipment manufacturer stops making the product, these kinds of electric car parts may be very hard to find.

The other kind of electric car parts are those meant for vehicles using an electric car kit. Unlike the electric car parts meant for factory made cars, these kind of electric car parts are generally available from a bunch of makers unless its a specific part of the car kit itself in which case this kind of a part may only be available from the car's electric kit maker. Being available in the open market from a number of manufacturers, these kind of electric car parts are generally easy to find but you must exercise caution and discretion while spending your money because the quality of the product is not something worth taking any risk.

It must be kept in mind that with proper market research and consultation of experts any one can buy an electric car part, what needs to be kept under consideration is that the quality of the product should not be compromised for a lower price and the buyer should always make every effort to make an informed decision.