Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Electronic Automotives - Looking at the Examples

Everything around has become smarter with the invention of technology, especially electronic automobiles or automotives. With the invention of electronic and digital components, life in the office and home has become much easier than it could have been.

Life for auto users has become easier and comfortable due to the increase in electronic automobiles. Some of the electronic automobiles and devices are beyond the common man reach. They also take care of safety needs for auto users worldwide.

In this age of technology, the automotive electronic market is a leading market. Numerous things such as anti- lock brake systems and electronic stability controls are some of the features of this leading electronic automobile industry.

Examples Of Electronic Automobiles And Devices:

A recent development has seen an increase in the number of electronic automotive devices. An excellent example of Electronic automotives is the Apollo 11 spacecraft that went to the moon and came back using a mere 150 kilobytes of memory.

Another automobile device example is electronic CD used to listen to music and songs. It uses an amazing technology, wherein only 500 kilobytes of memory is used to retain the songs from getting erased.

Telematics is used to define the technology involved in electronic automobile system. It was previously used to describe the combination of telecommunication and information technology. In the past few years, Electronic automotive industry has been getting a lot of attention mainly from automobile manufacturers. Auto experts predicted the role of telematics as very important in increasing the sales and technology for the electronic automotive industry. The forecast however turned out to be wrong, as the sales failed to reach the expected mark.

Despite the shortcomings, telematics is not abandoned. Automobile industry spends huge money on electronic systems for all vehicles. The increase in expenditure for these vehicles are a clear indication of how much these manufacturers spend on different features of vehicles such as safety devices. Performance of a vehicle depends on how all the parts work collectively.

Safe Electronic Automobile Device

Controller Area Network: There are certain automobiles that run on several computers. In such automobiles, there is a network of computers. This network is Controlled Area Network. The controlled Area Network links various computers in a car altogether.

In addition, the Control Area Network links with separate computers on other automobiles and helps to communicate with one another. These include systems such as engine management, automatic window operation and controls of the seat in a car.


Fuel Efficiency: Increase in the rise of fuel prices has forced electronic automobile manufacturers to look for alternate sources of fuel-efficient vehicles. Smart electronic automobiles are used to create some of the best fuel-efficient vehicles that have features such as efficiency in fuel and fuel injection system.

Electronic automotives today are much better than yesteryear automotives. They have advanced technology and fuel efficiency as major features. These smart and safe electronic automobiles make driving lot more comfortable and safe in reaching your destination.

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